Real Estate Law Matters in Hamilton

Ontario's often unsettled real estate market requires practical advice in order to maximize opportunities and avoid external risks. For over four decades, Burns Associates has simplified real estate law for clients in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. We represent a wide range of clients in residential and commercial real estate matters, and our services include purchases and sales, financing, leasing and construction, to name just a few.

Real Estate Law Matters
From homeowners to developers, Burns Associates has helped clients in connection with:

  • Claims for damages, specific performance and recovery of deposits in relation to purchase agreements
  • Disputes related to commissions, brokers and agents
  • Claims with respect to statutory building schemes
  • Mortgage enforcement and priority disputes
  • Certificates of pending litigation
  • Construction contract disputes
  • Commercial tenancies
  • Title problems

Real estate law presents a myriad of challenges. Burns Associates helps you steer through them. Call our real estate lawyer today.