Wills & Estates Lawyers in Hamilton

Planning ahead is a good idea in any aspect of life. Planning now for when you die is very important for you and your loved ones. Your death will be a sad and stressful time for your loved ones, so preparing what will happen to your property or estate beforehand is a good idea. Choosing a team of proficient and knowledgeable wills and estates lawyers in Hamilton will allow you to write your will with ease and distribute your estate as you wish.

Last Will and Testament
Your last will and testament is a legal declaration of your wishes regarding the disposal and dispersal of your property or estate after death. Most often, a will is a written document that is legally executed and can be used to make disposition of your estate, taking effect after death. It lets you choose who inherits your assets, but you can also select legal guardians for your children and name an executor to carry out your wishes. Our lawyers will draft and prepare your will and other documents to ensure that your property is distributed accordingly.

Estate Planning in Hamilton
Your estate is your net worth, which compiles all of your money, personal property and debts. Its distribution after your death should be thoughtfully and carefully considered and executed. Our lawyers can structure complex estate planning matters for you. Your estate plan can include to whom your property will go, as well as healthcare decisions such as do not resuscitate. It is important for your estate plan to include these details so that your loved ones won’t have to make the decision for you. Your estate plan will consist of your will as well as other documents such as powers of attorney for healthcare and financial concerns. With the powers of attorney, you can choose a trusted individual, such as one of the esteemed lawyers at Burns Associates, to act on your behalf for healthcare and financial decisions.

Preparing for the future of your personal property is important because if you die without a will, the government will choose to whom your assets are given. In order to decide what goes where, you need to create a will. With the help of our wills and estates lawyers in Hamilton, your property will go where you want it to, so call us today.